Humility, the Key to Salvation

TUESDAY: Third Week of Advent


Humility, the Key to Salvation

God does not debar sinners from his presence and his kingdom but their arrogance will cost them their salvation. Humility is an essential and indispensable virtue in the call to conversion and holiness. Every saint had a past. However, their humility and meekness led them to the throne of God’s mercy. Christ alluded to that when he said tax collectors and prostitutes are making their way to heaven. Zacchaeus, Mary Magdalene, the prodigal son, the good thief on the cross and Paul readily are perfect examples. What saved them was their humility, their poverty of spirit as mentioned in Zephaniah 3:1-2.9-13 and in the first Beatitude. The poor in spirit will inherit the kingdom of heaven (Matt.5:3).

Humility is the key, which unlocks the dungeon of our past. It allows us to empty ourselves of our iniquities and opens us to God’s grace. Only then will we see his face. The Parable of the two sons in Matthew 21:28-30 is a perfect depiction of the outcome of humility versus arrogance. Humility challenges us to reconsider our stupidity and acts of disobedience. It encourages its subjects to acknowledge their wrongdoings and to pursue the course of a deep metanoia.

The Lord promised: A humble contrite heart, the Lord will not spurn (Ps.51:17). He will not crush a broken spirit. The conversion of Zacchaeus, Mary Magdalene, the good thief, the prodigal son are clear demonstrations that God is faithful to his word. Despite the sordid past of the above-mentioned, God transformed them into saints by the power of his grace and mercy. The same gifts of mercy and sainthood await us today.

The disposition of the two sons is evident among us today. The tension between good and evil is growing stronger but the grace continues to flow like a river in our direction (Rom.5:20). What is required of us is our willingness to abandon our path to self-righteousness, humble ourselves and return to Christ and God will do for us what he has in mind for our sanctification and our salvation.

The Psalmist in Psalm 33:2-3.6-7.16.18-19 and 23 outlined the path we must take back to the Father. We must acknowledgement of our fallen state. Invoke the Lord’s mercy. He will be gracious to us (Is.30:18). He will not destroy us in our struggles with sin (Matt.12:20). The truth the Psalmist asserts is that God is much closer to the poor in spirit than they understand. My friends do not let our sense of guilt deter us from our journey back to God. God has deliberately commissioned his Son to go and search for us. Give him the chance to find us and we will see the dawn of our sainthood at hand. We were once prisoners of our disobedience but has set us free in Christ. Do let that good fortune of ours go to waste!

Lord, have mercy on me. I have sinned against you.

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