Born to Be God’s Promise

December 19:


Born to Be God’s Promise

God designed the birth of Samson and John the Baptist as well as their mission to foreshadow the Incarnation and mission of Christ. Each, in his respective vocation, was to protect the freedom and holiness of the chosen people of God in the world. Their place within the Advent narrative helps us appreciate how much effort God put into preserving our holiness, our freedom and integrity – not without a cost to the parents of Samson and John, respectively. The human value in each case is priceless and incalculable. However, that is what it takes to give one’s self in covenant with God.

Those who took up the challenge to enter into covenant with God and cooperate with him in the growth of the economy of salvation – all had to embrace and endure some kind of austerity measures for the sake of the Good News and the kingdom. They had to sacrifice everything towards conceiving, birthing, and raising their respective child for the mission God had in mind for them. Through their corresponding sacrifices, God deemed to rehabilitate and sustain human integrity, holiness, justice and peace (Is.62:1).

In both instances, God selected people who were already disposed to his will: Manoah and his wife, Zechariah and Elizabeth, their children guided by the Holy Spirit were designated to bring salvation and freedom to the people of God in anticipation of a full transubstantiation in Christ at the appointed time (Gal.4:4-5)

The altruistic nature of the parents of Samson and John the Baptist, respectively, illustrated the Christian virtues, values and valour expected of us in anticipation of Christ’s second coming. Christ will come to establish a new and everlasting covenant with us in his own flesh and blood that we can become one body with him (Jn.17:21).

However, like those who preceded us in faith, we must open ourselves to the Good News and yield completely to the will of God so that we can be completely transformed into one body with Christ. Besides, we must revere our parents (Ex.20:12; Eph.6:2-3). Our parents are the channels through which God brought us into this world and through whom God commissions us to become like Samson, symbols of liberation and signs of conciliating love like the John who was guided by the Holy Spirit to renew the face of the earth in anticipation of the first coming.

Despite our unworthiness and our violation of our conjugal bond with Christ, God is unwilling to treat us as his estranged spouse. Instead, he consigned himself to draw us back to into full communion and community with him through love, mercy and compassion (Hos.2:14-15). He will prune us with his words (Jn.15: 3-8). By this God indicated: he will not abuse nor scorn us. He will treat with compassion and stand in complete solidarity with us. Let us not grieve him any longer.

Recognising the goodness of our God, let us use the Advent season to take full stock of ourselves. Let us make a firm amendment toward a full conversion with a solid commitment to live for righteousness, justice, and peace. Let it not be only for Christmas, but for our whole lifetime. Just remember, my friends Christ awaits us just as a jilted spouse awaits the return of an estranged wife. His heart yearns for our homecoming.

Lord, prepare me and clothe me in your love.

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