Our Hope in God

December 21:


Our Hope in God

All is not gloom and doom about Advent. The idea of hope is beautifully interwoven in its narrative. Hope is not deceptive. Rather it preserves our integrity. It enables us to endure all our trials patiently and to look forward, with confidence to God’s promise. Hope promises victory and a triumphant celebration at the end of all our earthly and carnal wars and trials.

The Liturgy of the Word today gives us that level of assurance. It inspires confidence among the people of God. It says do not despair. We are the apple of God’s eyes. Our saviour is the bearer of good new. He is coming to console and to strengthen us. It is a season to be hopeful and to trust in God’s goodness.

Lord, all I ask for are the gifts of faith, hope and love in anticipation of your second coming.

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