Celebrate God’s Love

December 24:


Celebrate God’s Love

Despite David’s many flaws, God never broke his promise to David. God is faithful (1Cor.1:9). He never breaks his promises because of our sins. He seeks every opportunity to reconcile us to himself and allow us to sing forever of his love as David did. The Advent Season bore quality witness to this truth. For the last four weeks, God kept admonishing us to amend our ways and return to the right path, reclaim our dignity and integrity and embrace the paternity of God as our Father and our saviour.

Zechariah’s prophecy confirms the fidelity of God. It is an eloquent witness of God’s ongoing engagement towards solving humankind’s innate deficiencies, reshaping and redefining their history in Christ Jesus, the saviour of the world. God has never been complacent with us being in the hands our greatest enemy, Satan and his angels. God’s predetermined plan was to save us and set us free. He is still active at work bring his plan to fruition.

Through a series of covenants in the Old Testament God demonstrated his unwavering love and fidelity for humankind. In the last days, he raised up John as the new Elijah to prepare for the final drama of his definitive act of humankind’s freedom and liberation (Gal.4:4-5). This is what Zechariah is celebrating in his prophecy.

Tomorrow, those of us who believe in God and in Christ Jesus will celebrate the dawn of our new beginning. We will celebrate the compassion and tender mercy of our God who did not see it fit to annihilate us from his presence; instead, God chose to set us free in Christ Jesus – Christ is the final act of God’s divine expression of love and self-disclosure to the world (Heb.1:1-4). My friends let us not turn the Incarnation event into a drunken festival. Instead, let us grab the opportunity to celebrate the birthday of our newfound freedom and redemption from sin and death. Let us live in holiness that we might live in Christ forever.

I love you, Lord, and I will live to praise your name forever.

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