Divinity in our Midst


Divinity in our Midst

Divinity lived in the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Today, this same divinity lives in us and among us. His Spirit lives in us. Through our initiation in Christ, we become one body with him (Rom.12:5). His Spirit living in us is leading us and guiding toward the fullness of life and salvation (Jn.10:10). We now live and exist in Christ.

His divine presence in us and among us makes it possible for us to transcend all aspects of human history, our social context, political environment, our economy and religious framework to make the marriage of justice and peace possible by means his grace at work in us and among us (Ps.71:7). This is the reason God made us gods, but a little less than himself (Ps.82:6; Jn.10:34; Ps.8:5). This is God’s predetermined plan for us from the beginning (Gen.1:26-28). He made us to be pure, holy and free (1Cor.1:30). Today, in Christ Jesus, God is sanctifying us for all times (Heb.10:10). Thus, God living in humankind makes humankind divine beings for the renewal of the world.

Yes! The birth of Emmanuel (Is.7:14), God, clothed in human flesh signals a new beginning for humankind. The process for our full transcendence and our transubstantiation into one being with Christ began with the birth of Christ. Christ, long before his conception and birth was destined to be the saviour of the world (Jn.3:16). The Nativity of Christ, I interpret, as a kenotic moment. At that moment, individualism died, evil went into oblivion and altruism was born; justice and peace embrace and humankind received the gift of their divinity that was lost through the disobedience of Adam through the selfless love and generosity of God the Father who gave us his only Begotten Son to save the world.

If our transcendence and transubstantiation are the cause for our celebration today, then we have every reason to rejoice and be glad. Why? Because it shows that, we have truly rediscovered our identity and integrity in the birth of Christ. If such is the case, today, tomorrow and life thereafter can never be the same again. Our old life has ceased at the end of the Advent Season; our new life has started in the birth of Christ.

O God our Father, in Christ Jesus your Son you make us your heirs and coheirs with your Christ. Grant us the grace to rise and embrace your gift with hearts filled with love and gratitude.

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