Friend and Servant with Christ



Friend and Servant with Christ

When Pope John Paul II visited St. Lucia in 1987, Catholics and members of other Christian faiths were elated to see a pope in the flesh for the first time. Those who shook hands with him relished the moment. However, for one mother in the crowd, her memories of the Pope’s visit will never fade. When John Paul II laid hands on her sick son, he was instantly cured from what doctors had already concluded was an incurable sickness.

John, the Evangelist was equally excited about his personal encounters with Christ. He was part of Christ’s public ministry. He shared in Christ’s Transfiguration, his Passion, Death and Resurrection. John left us verbatim accounts of all that transpired during Christ’s presence on earth and in the flesh. John was eager for subsequent generations to digest and assimilate the narratives of Christ and become Disciples of Christ as well. In the mind of St. John, no one can know Christ and withhold his/her friendship and to share in the servanthood of Christ.

This is the reason for the Incarnation of Christ. That we may know God personally, love him intimately, spend our entire lives in his service and reign with him forever. On this second day of Christmas, the Church celebrates the memory of St. John the Apostle and Evangelist. This feast demonstrates the purpose and the quality of life we must adopt when we experience the personal touch of Christ. We become a necessary appendage to Christ himself. We become his presence and his voice to the world. From that moment onward, we no longer live for ourselves; we live to proclaim Christ and the kingdom of God.

St. John the Apostle and Evangelist pray for us that we may share in your zeal to follow Christ and to evangelize the world.

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