Where are the Innocents in our History?



Where are the Innocents in our History?

Christ came to earth to disclose us to our true selves and bring us back into conformity with God’s plan for us. There are many hidden negative facades in all of us. Unknowingly they influence our way of thinking, our judgment, disorient our history, distort the function of our social structures, stagnate or create imbalances in our economy and make us misrepresent the real purpose of religion and our presence here on earth. Only God and Christ can disclose us to our true selves and clearly define our vocation with our collaboration (2Tim.3:16-17).

Left to operate only on immoral human instincts, the innocent among us will become our prey of choice. We will see them as obstacles in the way of our personal strides to power and our grip on wealth and status. The demise of the Holy Innocents, the deliberate attempt to eliminate Christ show how perverse the human heart can be when wealth and power are their only objectives in life. The raw animalistic nature in people rears its ugly head. The innocents pay the price.

The birth of Christ, the announcement of his kingdom, his plan to create a new heaven and new earth are all forms of spiritual warfare waged against corruption, sin and evil. The objective is to reinstate humankind into the true image and likeness of God – to be perfect and holy like God. Whenever the spirit of perfection and holiness evade men and women, the consequences are tragic. Human rights will suffer. The innocent will be eliminated. Lamentations and distress will fill our land.

After two thousand years of Christianity, what is the human condition like? Have we allowed Christ to disclose us to our true selves? I do not think so! The squabble for power continues. The innocent and the powerless are still victims. Who will set them free? Conversion is still the best option if justice and peace must embrace.

Lord, give us a heart like yours.

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