Parenting is a Christian Vocation




Parenting is a Christian Vocation

The family is the mint, which produces the coinages for the growth and survival of the economy of salvation. In the Old Testament and in the New Testament, every individual chosen by God to shape the history and to build the economy of salvation was born within a family. Without the family, the human race itself will go into extinction. God purposefully created men and women, instituted the Sacrament of Matrimony for procreation and the development of family life. The birth of children is the dignity, pride, joy and posterity of their parents, the world and the kingdom of God. Not even the kingdom of God has a future outside of the family. Parents earn their holiness and perfection through conscientious parenting.

The marriage of Mary and Joseph, the parents of Jesus demonstrates the invaluable contribution of family life to the kingdom of God in heaven. God would never allow his Son to be born of a Single Mother. Hence, the reason God sought the cooperation of St. Joseph to be the foster father of his Son Jesus Christ. Therefore, Marriage, parenting and family life is a divine partnership between a man and a woman in collaboration with God to reproduce his image and likeness both for the world and for the kingdom. Always remember God created humankind to live with him forever. The destiny of every child is the kingdom of heaven – not the grave – not the incinerator. Thus, the Lord ordained marriage and family life as the incubator of the world and of the kingdom.

Therefore, when parents take their responsibility seriously, God honours them as he did with Mary Joseph. Accordingly, God made the family the cradle of his saints in heaven. Hence, by being good parents, by preparing their children to be good citizens and responsible Christian, parents earn their rightful place in the kingdom of God. Think of St. Monica, the mother of St. Augustine. She spent thirty years praying for her son. Today both Augustine and his mother are saints with Christ in the kingdom of heaven.

In line with the above-mention, this begs the question: what is happening to the institution of marriage today? What has become of family life? The notion of a genderless society is a serious attack on faith; it is a direct attack on Christian family life and values. It obscures the divine role the family plays in the future of the kingdom and in persevering the integrity of humankind and in building a just and peaceful society. Of what purpose then, was the Incarnation of Christ?

The whole Mystery of the Incarnation and the Feast of the Holy Family challenge us to rethink of the harms that humanism, secularism, and individualism are imposing on us. These schools of thought are demoralizing. They have detrimental consequences on family life overall; they are creating a dysfunctional world; also they are denying that family is a school of evangelization as exemplified by Jesus, Mary and Joseph. They are pretending they do not know that family life is a spiritual and social tool, together; it builds and sustains a world that reflects the true nature of the kingdom and where justice and peace shall endure forever.

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph keep our families blessed and united in the Lord.

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