Transformed by God’s Love

Sixth Day within the Octave of Christmas


Transformed by God’s Love

St. John certainly had a deep grasp of the sublime nature of God’s permeating and transforming love. He defined Christ as the devoted advocate for humankind’s causes before the Father. Christ’s birth, John posited, introduced a radical paradigm shift, which called for a total revolution of the human heart, mind, body, soul, and spirit. Christ’s ultimate objective: the creation of a new heaven and new earth reflected in the perfection and holiness of humankind as children of God (Matt.5:48). Where justice and peace must flow till the moon fails. Humankind’s conversion and faith in Christ, John saw as the only foreseeable means for achieving the objectives of Christ on earth – the complete transubstantiation of mortal man into one body with Christ.

John does not dismiss the fallen nature of humankind – he believes it is redeemable. Thus, he encourages humankind to acknowledge their sinfulness; come to terms with it; reject sin and allow the Holy Spirit free reign in our lives. Admission of guilt and confession of sin is a demonstration of integrity. Integrity is foundational and fundamental for a sincere conversion and Christian uprightness. The opposite will keep God restless. God himself stated he would be restless until our integrity shines like the sun (Is.62:1). John and the Prophetess Anna are mirrored examples of Christian uprightness and unwavering fidelity to God and Christ. The Liturgy of the Word today begs us to emulate John and Anna and ultimately we will reflect the glory of God at work in us and among us.

O God, plant in us the seed of your own integrity and we will be redeemed by your love and mercy.

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