Cherish Your Anointing In Christ

Seventh Day within the Octave of Christmas


Cherish Your Anointing In Christ

The Mystery of the Incarnation is an indismissable and dependable truth. It mirrors the irreversible transformation that takes place in our whole being in Baptism. We do not only receive the same anointing with Christ but by the power of the Word and sacramentals, instead, God changes mortal men and women into the Mystical Body of Christ and gives them an equal share in his inheritance. From henceforth the heavens and the earth recognise them as “Christians”, the anointed ones of God. God himself and Jesus Christ as well, call these chosen men and women “gods” because they live to obey his will (Ps.82:6; Jn.10:34).

The baptised like Christ safeguards the interest of God and of the kingdom. They abandon all self-interests; they live on the Word and feed on the Body of Christ. Integrity and truth, justice and peace are their ultimate goals because they live to make the kingdom of God present on earth as it is in heaven. Put differently, those who are baptised into Christ, the Word is enfleshed in their bodies; their bodies, in turn, become the living temple of the Holy Spirit. From this moment onward, every baptised person is called by God to become another Christ – a means of salvation for others.

The moment we understand the spiritual transformation and revolution, which take place at Baptism, our consciousness must change. We will no longer live for the world and in the flesh; we will allow the Word and the mysteries of Christ to continue to transform us into the real body of Christ. We can never become enemies of Christ; we will never falsify and compromise the truth; we will become bold witnesses of the kingdom. If we go contrary to the demands of the Spirit at work in us, we would be denying our own selves and rejecting our consecration too.

The fallacies purported by humanism, individualism, secularism and the recent wave of hedonism seek every opportunity to detain the children of God in the dark and to imprison their conscience therein. These schools of thought deny the enlightenment given to us by the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Their deliberate intention is to deny the existence of God and the truth of the Incarnation. We must be watchful of these types of Antichrist. Those men and women who make us believe the Scripture is nothing more than old-wives tales constructed to deprive human beings of their freedom and self- expression. Today, Jesus reminds us: “You have been anointed by the Holy One and have all received the knowledge (1 Jn.2:20).” Now it is up to us to live and walk by the truth.

This is the last day of an old year. In a matter of hours, we will usher in a new year. Many of us are caught up with the tradition of making resolutions to guide us through the coming year. Christians must capture this opportunity to renew their commitment to retain the anointing of the Holy Spirit; they must cultivate a stubborn resistance against the efforts of the Antichrists whose efforts are to undermine the authority of God and Christ. They are trying to lead us down the path of self-destruction. However, our faith conviction can preserve us from the contamination of the world.

O God, grant me the grace to cherish your anointing and your knowledge entrusted to me from the day of my baptism till death.

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