Becoming Arks of the Covenant like Mary



Becoming Arks of the Covenant like Mary

God, despite his omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence, has never acted alone in his plan of salvation for the world. In every age, God incorporated the help of men and women to make his name and presence known and felt throughout the world. From Abraham up until the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Incarnation of Christ Jesus, God transformed men and women who freely offered their lives, time, talent, and treasure into the currency of the kingdom through which God is still paying for the salvation of the whole world (1Pet.19-20).

Mary played the most unique and invaluable role in the economy of salvation. Through her consent and active participation in the Mystery of the Incarnation, God finally revealed the fullness of God’s plan to save the Word (Jn.3:16-17; Heb.1:1-4). In her womb, she conceived the new covenant God promised long ago (Jer.31:31-34; Lk.22:20; 1Cor.11:25). Thus, Mary became the first living human tabernacle – the first human ark of the divine and eternal covenant. She represents for all generations what it means to ingest, digest and to assimilate the Word, and to do the will of God (Matt.12:20).

Mary the Mother of God, from the moment she conceived Christ in her womb she became an archetype of what being a Christian entails.. Christians must willingly sacrifice themselves in totality as vessels of the divine presence. By their actions, they must bring Christ to birth and nurture his presence in the world. Like Mary, the Mother of God, God is gradually transforming each individual Christian men and women into invaluable coinages of the economy of salvation. In other words, it is through our collaboration with Christ that God is destined to save the world. The holy ones who preceded us are merely models of what God is doing with us – transforming us into true images and likeness of his Son and Mary the Mother of God.

Today, we behave like deluded men, women, and children. We rely on erroneous arguments for our conviction. We blatantly dismiss the wisdom of God to embrace empty, seductive philosophies. We resort to the old way of life we renounced at baptism and subject ourselves to philosophies based on cosmic powers to define our worth (Gal.2:4-5). Consequently, all genuine Christian virtues, values and valour espoused in the life Mary the Mother of God, we relegate to the past and faith is quickly frittering away. We forget that like Mary, God calls us also to be his Mother, also (Matt.12:50).

The notion of being saviours for others looks like a forgotten idiom. Consequently, justice and peace are fast becoming irreconcilable partners. Thus, the Motherhood of Mary Mother of God looks quaint for our present generation. However, the Motherhood of Mary the Mother of God personifies the sixth Beatitude: the pure of heart will see and possess God. Human life finds its ultimate meaning when we see and possess God. Let us live to imitate Mary in the coming year and we will have true justice and peace in the world.

Mary, Mother of God, pray for us.

Photo: J. L. St. Rose

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