Recreating the World with Christ

January 2: Weekdays of Christmas Time


Recreating the World with Christ

We live in an age of enlightenment; still, humankind is regressing in an imaginary way. Technology has placed information, answers and solutions at our fingertips. Sadly, however, many are unable to decipher truth from lies. Deception is having a field day; ignorance is having a feast; people are consuming misinformation like cheap wine. Meanwhile, truth is a victim at the feet of ridicule and humiliation. They demeaned the value of the Sacraments; grace is taken for granted; integrity has become a saleable commodity and the desecration of the human body is a preferred option over the divine presence in people’s life. Why? Because it offers those who are ignorant of the faith instant gratification, at the expense of the integrity of the soul.

It is obvious that in today’s world, the Sacraments and Christian spirituality are like negotiable commodities. Vileness has replaced positive Christian virtues, values and valour. Christians are no longer afraid of losing their anointing to satisfy the cravings of the flesh and the demands of the world. They are overtly bold in their duplicity. Where have we gone wrong? The materialistic world offers us opportunities to inflate our ego. Modern-day philosophies are blindfolding us from the truth. Our anointing and the divine relationship we share with God and with Christ are becoming meaningless.

John the Baptist, according to today’s Gospel gives a beautiful recipe for maintaining a healthy and spiritual balance in a deceptive world. Be true to ourselves. Accept whom God made us; embrace the gifts he bestowed upon us in truth and in humility; avoid creating impressions of whom you are not. Humility and meekness are the open door and window, respectively, through which we can all take an honest look at ourselves. When we do, we can never lose sight of the knowledge and anointing we received from God.

When we made our resolutions, yesterday, did we include efforts to regain our spiritual balance and to strengthen our spirituality? If our concerns are merely physical, if concentrate only on our human flaw without any thought of a firm amendment to our spiritual lives and to protect the anointing we received at Baptism – that will not work. Our steadfastness will have no longevity if God and Christ are not at the helm of our lives. Christ came to create a new heaven and a new earth. Only if our resolutions are in harmony with God’s plan, God will succeed. The new heaven and the new earth will come to fulfilment. This process must start with you and me. Are we ready for a deep spiritual renewal in the coming year?

O God, transform us from deep within. Rebuild our spiritual consciousness that we may become collaborators with you in creating the new heaven and the new earth you have in mind for us.

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