Purifying our Hearts

January 3: Weekdays of Christmas Time


Purifying our Hearts

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ let us not disparage ourselves. Do not belittle the purpose of the Mystery of the Incarnation nor trivialize our initiation into Christ in the interest of sin and evil. Instead, let us present ourselves as Eucharistic species already consecrated and transubstantiated by God our Father in Christ Jesus. In Christ Jesus, God the Father has set us apart for sacred duties that we might share completely in the divinity of Christ (1Pet.2:9).

The more we recognise ourselves, as a consecrated people the greater will our efforts be to raise the bar towards holiness. As a people destined by God to share in the divinity and righteousness of Christ, in our struggles against sin we will resist to the point of shedding our blood (Heb.12:4). Anyone who understands what it means to be a child of God and values the destiny God has in mind for him/her will treasure the opportunity to imitate Christ in not only his birth but also the reason he died for our righteousness.

St. John reminds us today of the necessary imperative as children of God to maintain our sense of purity, portray the nature of Christ already at work in us so that at the appointed time we will see God as he really is (1Jn.2:29:3:6). In other words, purity is a categorical imperative. God will not reveal himself to us if our hearts are impure. Christ, in the Beatitudes indicated that purity is a true, valid and supreme virtue for perfection, righteousness and sharing in the beatific vision with Christ (Matt.5:8). We cannot be holy and impure simultaneously and expect to see the face of God. In other words, purity of heart is a moral imperative for genuine holiness and the fullness of salvation.

John the Baptist in his witness for Christ confirms the same. John defined Christ as the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world (Jn.1:29). Put differently, Christ came to put an end to all unrighteousness, all impurities of the heart and point the hearts of the children of God back to the Father. Christ came to consecrate the world in righteousness to God and open the gates of the kingdom that humankind can see the face of God and live.

This Christmas season offers us a wonderful opportunity to pursue the cause of purity and perfection in Christ. Those of us who understand, appreciate, and value our communion with Christ and entertain the hope of seeing God and Christ face to face, let us not tardy in our effort to rediscover the beauty of an uncorrupt heart despite the corruptible nature of the world in which we live. Let us resist to the point of death.

Lord, give me a clean and pure heart like yours.

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