Deception in the World

January 4: Weekdays of Christmas Times


Deception in the World

At present, world culture is highly permissive. It is prone to deception. It contradicts holiness; it upholds untruths. Unmasked, evil and sin get red carpet treatment while the purity of heart is greeted with disdain. Christians are falling victims to the deceptions of the world. They are abandoning faith and morals in exchange for this liberal and non-judgmental culture, which offers them an opening for self-indulgence and immorality. In the eyes of moderners and earthly governments, that is legal. However, it is not permissible or moral in the realm of faith. Our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit. God has consecrated our bodies for his own divine purpose and for our justification, sanctification, and salvation he infused it with his grace.

St. John, both in the Gospel and in Epistle admonishes us to transcend the world and its worldly standards and imitate the examples of Christ. Let us, like the disciples of John the Baptist, pursue the truth about the real identity of Christ Jesus. Without hesitation welcome Jesus’ invitation to come and see where he lives. Let us make up our minds to stay with Christ. Let us resist the ambivalence of deception. Why? Because, in reality, we cannot belong to Christ and the world simultaneously. Remember! We renounced our affiliation with the devil at Baptism and we promised to resist his enticement to sin. Let us live up to our promise.

There is a popular saying; a promise is like an egg in the hands of a fool. God cannot be deceived. We can only deceive ourselves. Therefore, my friends, I urge you and I will take heed myself to keep faithful to Christ and in him we will discover the real Messiah. Today, let us consolidate our relationship with Christ Jesus. If we do, I am sure God in Christ will help us discern the deceptions of the world and we will overcome the present permissive culture that is leading the children of God to self-destruction.

O God, infuse us with your love and make your heart our own.

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