Christ our Guiding Star



Christ our Guiding Star

The saying of St. Paul, that where sin abounds grace flows in greater abundance, I think is a perfect summary of Isaiah 60:1-6. Despite the birth of Christ, darkness and corruption still cover the face of the earth. However, no matter how great their persistence is, dark clouds cannot frustrate the efforts and purpose of the incarnate Word. It will not obscure the radiant glory of the redeeming love of God who has come into this world to set us free from the hands of our enemies and all who hate us.

The power of God’s redeeming love supersedes the efforts of sin, evil and oppression. No darkness is sufficiently strong to resist the power and brilliance of pure light. All darkness must recede in the presence of light. St. Christopher said it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. The birth Christ has limited the power of darkness, sin and evil. His presence dissipates every dark cloud for those who trust in him. When sin and darkness dominated the face of the earth and corrupted the hearts of humankind, enveloped them in darkness and in the shadows of death, God sent his Son to become the Way, the Truth and the Light to guide our feet into the way of peace. Now that we live, move and have our being in Christ, sin, darkness and death can never overshadow us unless we let them.

Epiphany, therefore, must remind us that Christ remains for all times our brightest shining star. His radiance will attract us to him. His Word and the Church serve as his brightness and Bethlehem, respectively. Through the pastoral ministry of the Church in the world, Christ calls us to experience his kingly status, his priesthood, his sacrificial death and the inauguration of the kingdom on earth. In light of this, no matter how prevalent sin and evil maybe, God knows exactly how to frustrate the efforts of sin and darkness. God outwits every effort of those who put up a resistance against his struggles to redeem the world. The outwitting of Herod demonstrates that evil never wins, the plans of the wicked will come to nothing, and God’s plan to save the world never fails.

Therefore, like the three wise men let us awake from our slumber. Let us follow the star and let us bring him our gifts. Allow God the Father to direct our way to the new Bethlehem of God and let him use us to outwit the authorities of our time who are so bent on protecting their personal interests will do all things possible to obstruct the power of faith and grace.

O God, I will lift up my eyes to the heavens. Help me recognise your guiding star and I will follow wherever you lead me.

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