We are Instruments of Divine Love

THURSDAY: After Epiphany


We are Instruments of Divine Love

Christians are envoys of Christ on earth. Their mission is to reconcile the estranged children of God to him (2Cor.5:20) and let justice and peace prevail. Guided by the Holy Spirit, they imitate Christ. They lay down their lives to transcend the disordered historical, social, political, economic and religious human condition on earth in exchange for divine justice and peace that mirrors the nature of the kingdom in heaven.

Hate is the root of all evils. It limits the power of good if we let it. As ambassadors of Christ, we have a directive from Christ: “Love one another just as I have loved you (Jn.12:15).” Christ loved those who hated him. He forgave them; he opened the gates of Paradise to them. In turn, Christ taught his disciples to love their enemies, pray for those who persecute them. The Christian standard, Christ preached, must transcend the old if we are to achieve the level of perfection Christ has in mind for us (Matt.5:20-48).

Hate discourages forgiveness. It loathes and derides the spirit of fraternity and solidarity. Unforgiveness annihilates us from the love and mercy of God – no matter how eloquent we are in prayer (Matt.6:14-15). Hate creates friction in the body of Christ who reminds us “Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers and sisters you do unto me (Matt.25:40; Acts.9:4; 22:7). Saul’s attack on the early Christian was a direct assault on Christ, which he never recognised until the Lord confronted him directly.

If we are faithful to the commandment, our love for God will be sincere (Jn.14:23). If we are the real emissaries of Christ on earth then, we must make the transition from the old law to the new just as Christ stated in two greatest commandments (Matt. 22:37–40). The new law outlaws hate. It challenges us to love God and others unconditionally just as Christ did (Matt.22:34-40; Rom.5:8). Only if the spirit of divine love dwells among us, we will dedicate our lives working towards genuine human transformation and transubstantiation, which Christ came to establish on earth.

The Holy Spirit takes leave of us when hate dictates our way of thinking, our judgment and relationship with others. Hatred distorts our sense of history, it destroys social cohesion, it corrupts the political structures, and it creates economic disparity. It also disfigures the nature of Christianity.

It is under such conditions that section of our world and communities are impoverished, some are held captive, some blindfolded and manipulated and others are oppressed. The Holy Spirit, if we let him frees us from hate; it empowers us to love like Christ and in the same way enables us to transcend the suffering human conditions in the world and allow the whole of humanity to share in the freedom and favour of the Lord (Lk.4:14-22).

Lord, make me an instrument of your love.

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