Suffering Servant with Christ

TUESDAY: First Week in Ordinary Time


Suffering Servant with Christ

Redemptive suffering is a difficult dialect. It is not easy to speak nor interpret. We must accept that we live, move and have our being in Christ and we are with him priest, victim and altar before we can speak the same idiom with Christ. We must have the same mind as Christ.

Paul tells us the dialect of the cross is the saving action of God for those who are on the way to salvation. However, only those who are on the way to salvation understand it (1Cor.1:18). Redemptive suffering is not divine abandonment (Matt.27:46). It is the school of divine perfection (Heb.2:10). God is always mindful of the needs of his chosen ones who are in the dust (Ps.103:14). He comes to their rescue at the appointed time.

Hanna, though misinterpreted by Eli, the priest, abused and misjudged by Peninnah yet aloud and with silent tears, Hanna spoke the dialect of the suffering servants of God most eloquently. Her endurance won her the joy of her soul - just as Christ promised all the suffering servants of God (Lk.21:19).

God gave her a son as a sign that detractors cannot obstruct God’s plan for his faithful ones. All things, we learn, work together for those who trust in the Lord (Rom.8:28). God promised the faithful would see his glory at the appointed time. He will exalt them and in their hearts, they will exalt him. The Psalmist said it correctly: those who sow in tears will return rejoicing (Ps.126:5).

My Lord and my God, I consign my will to do your will.

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