Discerning God’s Call for us in Life

WEDNESDAY: First Week in Ordinary Time


Discerning God’s Call for us in Life

Hannah’s circumstances prefigured the role of Mary Mother of God in the economy of salvation and the Church as a community of prophets. Both women, in their respective roles and time, remind us since humankind is created in the image and likeness of God – every human birth is a divine act. A gift of God to this world. Each one has a divine purpose and significance here. The relevance of which God will articulate at the appointed time. Together, parents and the Church guide the individual to discern the voice of God who in turn freely embraces his/her unique vocation in the world and in the Church as Eli did in the case of Samuel.

Our secular culture hardly acknowledges the value of the consecration of the complete human person. The Sacraments of Initiation, today, subconsciously replace the loss of the rites of passages our ancestors disbanded in the Diaspora. We are living in a highly secularized culture today. Six days a week, we are secular. Only on Sundays, we are religious – all else depend on what fits our fancies. We behave as if we are two beings living in one body.

The contrary is true, once the three witnesses: the water, the Spirit and the blood lives in us (1Jn.5:8-9), we become one body in Christ (1Cor.12:12-27). We belong to the same Temple as Christ. It is within this same Temple that God enables us to articulate our respective vocation as his collaborators in the world. We are always inseparable if we are his priests, prophets and kings in the world. The analogy of the true vine is an eloquent expression of the same (Jn.15:1-17).

Hannah, Elkanah, and Eli understood that any person who is consecrated to the Lord, that individual belongs for all times to the service of the Lord. Samuel’s parents and Eli understood it is God who apportions our responsibilities and duties according to the needs of his kingdom and his people on earth. However, every human person born into this world is an image of God. He/she has a divine purpose and destiny ordained by God. How do we know that? Through the voice of our spiritual directors, God helps to discern his purpose. That is why humility and obedience are so crucial in our journey through faith and our call to perfection in everything we do on earth.

Lord, call me in whichever way you wish. Call me wherever I am, I will answer and do your will.

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