Governance and Justice

FRIDAY: First Week in Ordinary Time


Governance and Justice

Humankind is collectively and individually, for the lack of wisdom, are the authors of their trials, failures and sufferings whenever they fail to obey the precepts of God. The devil convinced Adam to discover his prowess by defying God. Humankind is still defying God. Self-governance detached from divine interference, they believe will provide a brighter future. Modernism and humanism, as well as egotism based on the same false premise, delude us into following the same erroneous path. Freedom from all moral restraints is never free. It is a tragedy waiting to happen. Slavery will persist for the lack of moral consciousness and judgment

Slavery endures today in its most dubious forms. Human exploitation and misuse of state resources to benefit the one per cent at the top continues unabated. The populace, persuaded by a gullible few, schooled in partisanship, fed on propaganda and their interest sustained by the same, is as if like sheep led to the slaughter. Incapable of independent thought, they are naïve. Like charlatans, our people are led to modern slavery. They are state apparatuses. They live on social programs incapable of making a viable contribution to their own moral, social, economic and spiritual development and future. Meanwhile, one per cent enrich themselves at the expense of their naiveté and their quest to be like others. Such are the consequences when people reject the kinship of God to imitate other nations (1Sam.8:4-7.10-22).

Genuine human growth, development, economic stability and spirituality rest entirely in God. Divine virtues, values, are indispensable for our ultimate good our success. If we reject them, we buy our sorrows by the bowl full (Ps.88:16-19). The authority of God and Christ are in our stake. The mind of the Lord is set on the purity of our soul and our eternal peace (2Chr.7:14; Jer.29:11).

Corrupt hearts and souls will set us on a destructive path and a damming future. We can learn from the posture of the men who carried the paralytic through the roof and placed him at the feet of Jesus. Let us imitate their faith, their determination. Let God and Christ expose us to our true selves. Let him cleanse us from within so that our human, historical, social, political, economic and religious conditions may live and thrive under the governance of God in the context of the kingdom (Rom.14:17).

Lord, grant us wisdom to discern the truth, always.

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