Doing Humble Things with God

SATURDAY: First Week in Ordinary Time


Doing Humble Things with God

Sometimes, for good reasons, God causes us to diverge from our loft pursuits to fulfil a humbling task for his divine purpose. He did call us to fame. However, he is preparing us to share in his glory. The extraordinary may be beyond our capabilities. The ordinary, if we execute it with love, obedience, and humility, can win us salvation and eternal life with God.

Think of this. Why would a son of a high-ranking official want to go in search of his father’s strayed she-donkey? Why would the only Begotten Son of God come on earth to call sinners (Mk.2:17)? These are humbling roles for men of such nobility. Yet God chose Saul (1Sam.9:1-4.17-19;10:1) and Jesus to do be humble suffering servants and exalted them as king over Israel and king of over the universe, respectfully. We return to the notion that God humbles us only to make us perfect (Heb.2:10). Christ Jesus is a perfect example. God dignified Christ because of his exquisite sense of obedience and humility (Phil.2:6-11).

Two days ago, on my way home from visiting a sick brother, I felt an urge to stop at a nearby supermarket. Although time was against me, I yielded to the impulse. At the deli counter stood two men talking with each other while gazing at the prepared meals in the showcase. Gently, I laid my hand on the shoulder of one of them and said, ‘Gentlemen do not eat all the food leave some for me.’ He smiled. The other stood there stone-faced with eyes sunk deep into their sockets and cheekbones protruded like rockets ready for launch. Lightheartedly, I pointed at him and said, ‘Lighten up! Put a smile on your face. Ease the burden on your heart.’ His lip parted, slowly and whispered, ‘We are hungry. We cannot afford anything there.’ I gave them some change. Their face lit up like candles.

Saul intentionally went to search for his father’s she-donkey and ended becoming a king. Christ was treated as an outcast for interacting with sinners and criminals – he too became the King of kings and of the whole world. As followers of Christ, we must never underestimate the importance of humility and obedience in our journey to holiness and perfection. Love, humility, obedience and fidelity to God will never leave us disenchanted at the gates of heaven.

Lord, teach me the virtues of humility.

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