We Belong to the Community of Prophets



We Belong to the Community of Prophets

It is a unique privilege to be a child of God. Initiation into Christ makes us partakers of the divine nature and capable of fighting corruption (2Pet.1:4). Put differently, God clothed us with his strength and made us participants in his diving works on earth. As members of his Mystical Body, he made us his light to the nations (Is.49:6).

Christianity is not an earthly institution. It exists to restore the world and turn the hearts of the children to the Father. This is a special honour bestowed upon us. How? We are all anointed priests, prophets and kings like Christ. We belong to the community of prophets and apostles. Our mission is the same as John the Baptist and Christ Jesus. God made us witnesses of the kingdom.

What is God asking of us, today? Recognising that God has already provided us with the new song of righteousness and justice. The onus is ours to lend him our ears, submit to him as lambs, delight in his laws and say like the Psalmist: “Here I am, Lord! I come to do your will (Ps.39:8,9).

O God, I am all that you have given me, accept me as your humble sacrifice. And I will do your will.

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