Walking in the Truth

MONDAY: Second Week in Ordinary Time


Walking in the Truth

Integrity is the mother of obedience and truth. Anyone longing for eternal harmony with God and others will be honest in everything he/she does. God and humankind do not live in isolation of each other. God is privy to all our secrets. Despite our fallen human nature, God trusts us. Our dubiousness is a distraction. Too often, we presume God overlooks our deception since the crowd and our associate permit us the latitude to behave, dishonestly. However, the Lord reminds us gods fall like princes for their lack of integrity (Ps.86:2; Jn.10:34).

The exposure of Saul's deception and his rejection as king is a sterling reminder for all of us. No matter how much we multiply our sacrifices on the altar of the Lord, God is not appeased if the spirit of truth has evaded our hearts. Integrity does not uphold half-truths. In the eyes of God, obedience is better than sacrifice. It is better than the fat of rams. Rebellion is the sin of sorcery, presumption a crime of teraphim (1Sam.15:22-23).

Presumption and dishonesty put us on the bleacher to dry. Like sheep yearning for stream in the wilderness, our souls thirst for God. Then we must fast; we must do penance because in the first instance we rebelled against our bridegroom. The moral of today's Liturgy of the word is: God never abandons a person of integrity.

My Lord and my God, save me from all my distress. Put a humble and contrite heart in me. Help me walk in your truth.

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