Righteousness, Justice and Peace

TUESDAY: Second Week in Ordinary Time


Righteousness, Justice and Peace

Every human institution is tenuous. It displays the innate weakness of the human person who attempts to function without the discretion of God. Whenever that happens, we are doomed to fail. But emotional attachments to people, places and things make it difficult to let go of the past to embrace the new that will provide us with the sense of justice and security God has in mind for us.

No one is immune to human weakness. As religious as we may be, we must always guard against our myopic interest and never allow ourselves to become obstructions in the way of the Lord. God's plan for us is righteousness, justice, peace and decency in every aspect of life. However, sometimes partisanship, our distorted notion of spirituality and religiosity get the better of us. They make it difficult to sever links with the past - especially things that are in conflict with the divine plan God has in mind for us. We end up behaving like Samuel (1Sam.16:1-3) and the Pharisees (Mk.2:23-28).

We are collaborators with God and Christ. Bear in mind, with the Lord, humankind’s collective interest takes precedence over and above all inanimate things in the world. All earthly and human institutions exist to serve humankind's wellbeing. It is not the other way around. At all times, the works of righteousness, justice, peace and good moral behaviour have precedence over the Sabbath or political security of a bad king.

O God, I place all my trust in you. Guide me in the ways of justice and truth.

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