The Lord our Rock

WEDNESDAY: Second Week in Ordinary Time


The Lord our Rock

Self-infatuation is the weakest link in the chain of self-destruction. It undermines faith in God. It relies on stature, might, coercion and intimation to overcome its enemies and vindicate itself. There is a little Philistine living in many of us, making us rebel against God and treat others with contempt. Self-infatuation makes us oblivious that God brings down the mighty from their thrones and lifts up the lowly from the dust.

The Philistine and David saga must remind us of the same. Never underestimate the chosen people of God. God is their rock, he prepares their hands for war; he is their stronghold and saviour; their shield and their refuge. Also, like the Pharisees, we can sometimes use the long arm of the law to suppress the disadvantaged among us. But the actions of Christ in the Temple demonstrates for us God cares for the poor and the vulnerable. As the author of the Law, he can circumvent the Law to protect the life of his broken people.

In summary, today's Liturgy of the Word begs us to adopt David's posture in faith. Let Christ be the rock with which we will bring down our enemies and win justice for his people.

Lord, I place all my trust in you. Be my rock.

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