Inordinate Fear

THURSDAY: Second Week in Ordinary Time Mk.3:7-1Sam.18:6-9;19:1-7/Ps.55:2-3.9-14/12

Inordinate Fear

Leadership struggles can be signs of delusion and aberrations against the will of the Holy Spirit. Jealousy and greed combined can transform us into rogues. While God has placed all things at our disposal, individuals are capable of achieving and perfecting, the gift the Holy Spirit has allotted them, if they corporate with God's plan. Leadership is a gift from God and supported by the people of God to lead them into the holiness of God.

Saul was deeply disturbed by the popular acclamation lavished on David. Jealousy and inordinate fear of losing his kingship, malice provoked Saul to launch a death campaign against David. There was no just cause for David's demise. Jonathan acted as the go-between his father and David. Jonathan tried to dissuade Saul from his destructive path but to no avail. To David, Jonathan remained a loyal friend, brother and proctor.

This saga has many moral implications for us today. Christians must protect their souls from any inordinate fear of losing the transient things of life. Every brother and sister in Christ is an anointed person. Jealousy, greed, malice - nothing should ever prompt us to take the life of another simply to protect our material or political interest.

David's role in this story displays the function of a moral conscience, which seeks to protect justice and peace and the protection of the innocent. David demonstrates the virtues of kingship. While Saul, on the other hand, portrays a dysfunctional conscience. That is a conscience, which seeks its personal interest at any cost to its own demise.

O God, keep my heart and soul fixed on fulfilling your commandment and not the love of gain.

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