Disciples of Forgiveness and Mercy

FRIDAY: Second Week in Ordinary Time


Disciples of Forgiveness and Mercy

Forgiveness is an unmerited gift of compassion, love, mercy and solidarity. It dwells in the present; it overlooks the past and thrives on faith, hope and love. It is never vengeful. It wears the scars of humility and obedience with divine joy. Salvation, redemption and liberation are impossible without forgiveness. It is the nature and substance of genuine peace.

Wars and enmity thrive on unforgiveness. Wicked hearts grow cold and callous. Forgiveness is a painless surgical procedure; during which, Stoney hearts are replaced with hearts of flesh. The one who loves dearly lives to forgive. David loved Saul despite Saul's intense dislike for him. David's respect for Saul was divine. He would never lay a finger on the Lord's anointed. No! Not even when opportunities arose and friends persuaded to be vengeful. His humility and obedience to God would not permit him.

A healthy conscience will never repay evil with evil. It will guide its bearer to think and behave like God and Christ. The Beatitudes will be the core of his/her spiritual consciousness. They will train him/her to be true ambassadors of Christ to the world. David is a prototype of Christ. Christ forgave his enemies from the cross; he reconciled them to the Father. David did the same to Saul in the cave. What have we learnt from today's Liturgy of the Word?

We will encounter many jealous Saul(s) in our lives. Many will haunt us like wild game. But since we are Christians, we must display the disposition of David and Christ. Our task from henceforth is to preach forgiveness and mercy and to cast out devils.

O God, make me a living expression of the Beatitudes.

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