Discipleship with Christ



Discipleship with Christ

God calls us through the Sacraments of Initiation to full membership and discipleship with his Son Jesus Christ. By the grace of these three sacraments, we assume the nature and substance of the Son of God. We become heirs with him to the kingdom. On earth, we are his Mystical Body. He lives and works through us and in us. The annual Liturgical Cycles enable us to recall and live the modus Operandi of Christ during his earthly mission. But, discipleship for all it means, requires us to embody all the kenotic qualities of Christ for the sake of the gospel and the kingdom.

Caritas and Filial loves are signature virtues and values of discipleship with Christ. Both are clearly demonstrated in 2 Kings 4:8-11 and Matthew 10:37-42, respectively. God pays close attention to our selfless generosity. God rewards us accordingly as he did with the woman and her husband in Shumen and Christ promises us the same in Matthew 10:42).

Paul, however, sums up the relationship between Baptism and discipleship beautifully. Paul opines discipleship with Christ requires us to embody the faculties, altruism, his passion and death if we are to inherit the kingdom with Christ. In other words, every disciple is destined to become another Christ for others.

O God, increase in us the awareness of your divine calling. Strengthen us for discipleship and infuse in us the power of your love that we may love and serve as you did us.

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