The Breath of God and the Spirit of Holiness

MONDAY: Third Week in Ordinary Time


The Breath of God and the Spirit of Holiness

Presumptuous people are reckless in calculating their strength. Vaunting, they forget pride comes before defeat; the wise can discern ignorance from afar. Flaunting their arrogance, they wag their tongues, attempting to disquiet divine truth itself. The humility of Christ will not permit him to engage in diatribes. The mind of Christ is set like flint destined to obey and fulfil the will of his Father who endowed him with the Holy Spirit to bring deliverance and freedom to the poor and the oppressed (Lk.4:18).

To set oneself in opposition against the Holy Spirit and its activities is to incur an unforgivable sin. One who denies or insults the integrity of the Holy Spirit deprives himself/herself of the very substance of God. The Holy Spirit is the breath of God and of life. Never equate the activities of the Holy Spirit with that of Satan. You will incur God's wrath. Unclean spirit can never reside in Christ. No evil shall ever enter the kingdom of heaven (Matt.7:21).

David prefigured Christ as the shepherd of God’s people. He was never deterred by the criticisms and accusations of his detractors. He won many victories with the help of the Holy Spirit. Today, we too can be victorious like David and Christ Jesus. But we must protect ourselves from all forms of despair and presumption.

O God, help me to remain faithful at all time to your Holy Spirit.

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