The Old and New Covenants

TUESDAY: Third Week in Ordinary Time


The Old and New Covenants

The old and the new covenants feature prominently in today's Liturgy of the Word. God found the first covenant was inadequate and incapable of achieving the level of perfection God expected of his people (Heb.8:7-8). God expects his people to be holy as He is holy (Lev.11:44-45; Matt.5:48; 1Pet.1:16). God terminated the first covenant and made provisions for a new. Through the centuries, God fashioned for himself the ark of the new covenant (Is.7:14). At the appointed time God's Son was born of the Blessed Virgin Mary to incorporate the children of God into a new and everlasting covenant with God (Gal.4:4-5; Mk.14:24). Those who internalise this covenant will never die; they will live forever (Jn.6:51).

Mary is the first human person to internalise the new covenant. The moment Mary uttered her fiat (Lk.1:38), she became the first living ark of the new covenant. Mary is the first but not the last ark. God expects all of us to imitate the obedience and humility of Mary that he might dwell in us and among us (Jn.14:23; Rev.3:20). When Jesus reminded his audience his mother and his brothers are those who do the will of the Father, he confirmed, we could all be arks of God's covenant if we imitate Mary in her humility and obedience.

Dear, O Most Holy Mother of God, pray for us that we may imitate you in your fiat and bring Christ to birth again.

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