We are Lamps on Christ’s Altar

THURSDAY: Third Week in Ordinary Time


We are Lamps on Christ’s Altar

God's grace in everyone is purposeful. It transforms those who receive it in good faith into invaluable and indispensable coinages of the economy of the kingdom of heaven. God can achieve all things through those who cooperate with his plan of salvation. David gloated his achievement in collaboration with God. He envisaged greater possibilities for himself and for his house in a far distant future.

Even today, both the names of Israel and David feature prominently in salvation history. God has been faithful to his promise to David and his descendants. The house of his servant David, the Lord, have secured. His favour continues to rest on them. St. Paul sums up this narrative beautifully. Paul reminds us, God, continues to co-operate with all those who love him, with all those that he has called according to his purpose (Rom.8:28).

God's grace sets our flame of faith aglow. It enables us to discover our individual vocation in the Mystical Body of Christ and defines our mission on earth. The Parable of the five foolish virgins demonstrates the misuse of grace. We forfeit the eternal securities reserved for us in the kingdom of God. Today, Jesus forewarns us. He challenges us to put our lamps where they belong - on the altar - to become beacons of hope and love for others. We must imitate Christ who is our Light, our Way and our salvation. Our responsibility as lamps of God in the world is to illuminate the path of righteousness, justice and peace. In summary, like David and Christ Jesus, we must invest our coinage unsparingly that we may become heirs of God and coheirs with Christ.

Lord, make me a perpetual lighted lamp on your altar.

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