God’s Mercy Endures Forever

FRIDAY: Third Week in Ordinary Time


God’s Mercy Endures Forever

Connivance is treacherous. It relies totally on the impulses of the flesh to conceal our wrongdoings and to find a quick solution to cover-up our misjudgments. Once we lose sight of our sacredness, we are doomed to obey the dictates of the flesh. We are liable to become servants of deception and evil. Under such conditions, we believe our options are limited. Depravity clouds our judgment. We see others as obstacles. Ultimately, we violate the fifth commandment to placate our dysfunctional conscience. That is where despair leads us.

Remember! God is the sower of the seeds of faith and salvation. He knows the depth and shallowness of every heart and conscience (Ps.139). He is aware of the devil's deliberate efforts to stall his productivity and to steal, kill and destroy the riches of his harvest (Jn.10:10). Thankfully, our protector never sleeps nor slumbers. He jealously guards our spiritual growth, development and productivity (Ps.121:4-5) and delicately prune us to enable us to bear much fruit (Jn.15:2)

David's confession is a perfect demonstration of God's delicate pruning concerns. Despite the depth of connivance and treachery in us, God can prune us and make us productive and fruitful again (Is.1:18-19). In fact, in Psalm 32, David admits his complete recovery after he had placed himself under the Lord's pruning shears. God thoroughly pruned him.

God is waiting to do the same for us. Do not be afraid of our sins and failures; rather fear the impact of connivance and treachery on the soul. When we sin let God prune us as he did with David; we will hear rejoicing and gladness again. (Ps.50:3-7.10-11).

Lord, in your mercy, grant us peace.

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