Nathan Called David to Repentance and Conversion

SATURDAY: Third Week in Ordinary Time


Nathan Called David to Repentance and Conversion

Every conscientious person, regardless of age, nationality, creed, social or financial status, will one day be confronted by his or her past. Conscience never sleeps. It is provocative. It persuades people to avoid evil, practice righteousness, justice, peace and integrity. When people are deaf to the internal voice, God sends them external prods to awaken their dormant conscience and reconcile themselves to God and with their victims.

God will not rest until our integrity shines like the sun (Is.62:1). He is no respecter of personages to the detriment of the injured party. God wants everybody to do what is right and just. When we stray, he sends us sentinels to redirect us to the paths of long ago that lead us in good stead (Jer.6:16). Nathan was David's sentinel. He was a gifted storyteller who constructed a beautiful allegory to help David recognise his downfall.

David blindfolded by his status, misinterpreted Nathan's story. Like the best of us, he was quick to project his the faults on someone else. He was hasty to judge that someone else without recognising he was the rich man, Uriah was the poor man and Uriah's wife was the sacrificial lamb. At that point, Nathan challenged David to take responsibility for his misdeeds, which resulted in the death of an innocent man and the destruction of a marriage.

Humility, wisdom and obedience are indispensable virtues for genuine repentance, conversion and conciliation. Admitting guilt for his wicked deception, David made a candid confession (Ps.50; 32), accepted his penance and made the necessary acts of restitution to complete the journey back home to the Father's house. Like David, we have all faltered. God is still sending us many prophets like Nathan to teach us, expose our falsehood, correct us and call us to holiness and authentic stewardship. (2Tim.3:16-17). Are we responding as David did?

My Lord and my God, lead me on the path of true conversion

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