Walking in the Light of Christ



Walking in the Light of Christ

According to Malachi 3:1-4, God the Father defined Christ as the "the angel of the covenant," "the refiner's fire and the fuller's alkali." Christ was destined to purify the sons of Levi and make them worthy of offering pure sacrifices unto God. In other words, God in Christ was ordained to refine and purify the world. Christ, in other words, took on our human nature; he portrayed the empathy of his Father for sinners. Through the brightness of Christ's humility and obedience, God would lead the world out of the reign of sin and darkness and bring it into his kingdom of light and peace.

St. Paul later interpreted the birth of Christ as a fulfilment of Malachi’s prophecy. He referred to the birth of Christ as the appointed time when "God sent his Son, born of a woman, born a subject of the Law, to redeem the subjects of the Law and enable us to be adopted as sons (Gal.4:4-5)." At that, moment believed God's eternal light had come into the world. In other words, Paul understood the effectiveness of faith and grace (Eph.2:9). Paul recognized the Law was pale in comparison with the light of Christ (Col.2:17). Consequently, Paul reckoned humankind could avoid false asceticism and achieve perfection only in Christ Jesus (Col.2:16-19). For God destined Christ to enlighten the world.

The "Feast of the Presentation of the Lord" reminds us God inaugurated Christ the Way, the Truth and the Life (Jn.14:6). He is the light of life and the world (Jn.8:12). God made him a light to enlighten the pagans and the glory of Israel (Lk.2:31-32). Today by carrying lighted candles, we share in the delight of Simeon, Anna and the parents of Jesus the good fortune that we are privileged to be partakers in the inauguration of Christ our light. Enlightened by the same Spirit, the Church in today's Introduction invites us to confess Christ with exultation.

Hence, the blessed candles, which we carry throughout the Catholic world today, must remind us that we are sparkles of the light of Christ. It is through our conscious and active participation in the mysteries of Christ, the brilliance of his perpetual light will reach the ends of the earth. Only then will everyone see the light of his eternal glory.

O God, make me a living lighted candle on your altar that I may be a sign of hope for those still groping in the dark.

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