Lust for Power

MONDAY: Fourth Week in Ordinary Time


Lust for Power

Power invites opposition among ambitious men and women. One's closest ally in power is a possible enemy. Deception is rife when lust for power renders the human conscience dysfunctional. It is better to be humble and obedient than to be deceptive in search of status on earth. Earthly power is transient and is not worth losing one's life for it. In many instances, it is better to be a servant than a lord is. Those who strive for kingly status, to be a bishop or a government leader must ready themselves to be suffering servants like Christ. Ambitious allies will always challenge your position. His/her pursuers when amid rivalry will consume the leader who lacks wisdom and discernment.

David was humble, obedient, wise and prudent. His life and the life of his subjects meant more to him than his kinship. He was humble enough to bear the taunts of Shimei. Wisdom taught David to listen and discern the voice of God in the heart of his trials. God's plan took precedence over his life and his kinship. Therefore, David relinquished the throne to avoid confrontation with his son Absalom. Can anyone of us imagine a present-day leader adopting David's posture? No! In the absence of virtues and values, it is not possible.

What then is Father and the Son asking of us today? Do not price anything over the value and importance of our lives. The nearness of Christ, our lives, salvation and the kingdom of heaven mean more to us than twenty thousand pigs or any kinship. All of the above are dispensable. Spirituality and salvation are indispensable.

O God, you are my eternal treasure.

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