Sin Destroys Our Nations

WEDNESDAY: Fourth Week in Ordinary Time


Sin Destroys Our Nations

Individualism has ruined the notion of community. The feeling of kinship that once maintained a culture of stability and peace among families that resulted in harmonious communities and stable societies have frittered away. Everyone apparently has become an "I specialist". Sadly, however, we are all victims of tunnel vision. Our dreams have tragic consequences on innocent members of our families and community. The unrighteous behaviour on one individual is liable for placing entire families and communities as a risk.

Sins and bad choices of one individual can ruin an entire nation. Whenever wisdom evades us, selfishness encourages us to practice deception. Destruction is bound to follow. Because of the invisible umbilical string, which exists among us, it is impossible to act independently without affecting positively or negatively our respective families and communities. Sin is an uninformed choice with the exclusion of the Holy Spirit. Such action becomes a reproach on any people (Prov.14:34; Rom.1:18-23).

We can never outsmart God without destroying our integrity and compromising the safety of others (Ps.139:1-24). David learned the hard way. His deception caught up with him. God gave him some options, which tested his faith, encourage conversion and conciliation. Restitution sometimes can be costly and humiliating. But unless we endure these two spiritual exercises, our metanoia is incomplete. Whenever we do the hand of the Lord will be light upon us. True conversion, repentance, and conciliation must endure redemptive suffering - if it is genuine.

Today's Liturgy of the Word begs us to be genuine prophets and kings like Christ. Let wisdom be the source of our integrity. Regardless of our humble beginnings, even though our own people may despise us, do the right thing. Be informed by the spirit of divine wisdom. Avoid arrogance and deception and peace will reign among us.

Lord, I thank you for the examples provided for us in the scriptures and the gospels. Help us learn from the errors of the past that our integrity will surpass the desire for individualism.

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