Stewardship and Succession

THURSDAY: Fourth Week in Ordinary Time


Stewardship and Succession

Our mortality forcibly reminds us of the need for succession and continuity. Good stewardship likewise keeps in mind the role of the human person in the world is transient. Unselfishness, therefore, challenges us to prepare the way for our successors. We must all die and cede our stewardship to another to continue the work God assigned to us in an honourable manner. Charity begs us to prepare the ground for those who will succeed us. How is that possible in today's world?

Mindful that we are servants of God and Christ -we are their temporal representatives on earth. Then in the same fashion that David surrendered the kingship to his son Solomon and Christ to his apostles and disciples, we too must imitate them do the same. 1 Chronicles 29:12 reminds us: God is the ruler of all. We are only unworthy servants accomplishing the mission assigned to us (Lk.17:10). That in itself is a demonstration of faith. We learn to relinquish what belongs to God so that others may serve their purpose in the world and the building of the kingdom.

Christian stewardship gives every person a chance to behave like David, Solomon and Christ: to practice honesty and integrity by obeying the commandments, the divine customs, the laws and decrees of God. In other words. The stewardship of Christ is remarkable. But Christ, by his example, demonstrated for us how we must serve the Lord and protect the interest of those placed in our charge. We will give them their portion of food at the appointed time (Matt.24:44-46).

What is our charge today? In the light of today's Liturgy of the Word, each of us must remain increasingly mindful of our own end. We must never allow greed for power to dominate our lives. Be responsible and accountable to God. Appreciate the brevity of life. Do what is right. Also, willingly hand over to others whatever God has called them to.

O God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ, keep me forever humble in your sight.

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