When we Compromise the Truth

FRIDAY: Fourth Week in Ordinary Time


When we Compromise the Truth

People disillusioned by self-importance are diametrically opposed to constructive criticism. These two are irreconcilable enemies. The latter will be treated as hostile enemies destined to experience vengeance or elimination. When people dig their heels deep into habitual sin, they behave like addicts. The road to conciliation sometimes is long but can be risky for those who try to rescue them.

Truth is intolerable in the face of deception - especially when people feel secure in their deceptiveness. Connivance will be their rescue. Scruples will evade them and critics will be in peril. However, prophets, because they are ambassadors of reconciliation, righteousness, justice, and peace must confront sin and evil at their roots to their own peril. They cannot compromise the truth to allay the anger of people of status.

John the Baptiste, the forerunner of Christ, personified the nature and substance of a true ambassador of Christ, reconciling the world to God. Truth is not a respecter of personages. It is patient with the sinner. However, its essential purpose is the liberation, redemption, and freedom and to preserve the integrity of humankind. Truth is restless until it sets us free (Jn.8:32: Is.62:1).

Sad as it was, Herod and Herodias blindfolded and disillusioned by self-importance failed to give truth a chance. Instead, they sacrificed the messenger and compromised the message, much to their own detriment. What have we learnt from the errors of Herod and Herodias? Not much, I suppose. The historical, social, political, economic and religious order of the day is still intolerant to the truth. Prisoners of conscience are still prevalent in many parts of the world. Many too, have been executed. Corruption, sin, and evil are lauded while the truth is made to look like a charade. When will we learn? God is calling us to be his witnesses like John the Baptist. Are we ready?

Here I am, Lord, use me.

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