Christianity and Leadership

SATURDAY: Fourth Week in Ordinary Time


Christianity and Leadership

We are created in the wisdom and understanding of God and destined to reflect the same for good stewardship of the earth (Wis.3:19). Through our ongoing spiritual transformation, God calls us to share in his ever-increasing glory (2Cor.3:18). God generally wants humankind to share in his eternal divine nature and substance and to govern the earth with integrity. A lettered person without discretion is his own enemy. He or she is a danger to society. The governance of the heavens belongs to God; the earth he has given to humankind (Ps.115:16; Ps.8:5). Therefore, God expects his people since they are made in his image and likeness to govern the world with wisdom.

Happy indeed is the person who recognises his or her limitation in a demanding situation. Happy too is the man or woman who acknowledges he or she lacks the necessary wisdom to embrace the task placed on his or her shoulders. Faith will challenge the person to turn to God for help. The beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord. In others, a wise person is a conscionable person - one who lives for righteousness, justice, peace and is moral in all his or her activities.

Solomon at that instant, when he prayed to the Lord asking for wisdom became the first living human expression of the Beatitudes. He asked the Father for all the divine virtues, values and courage to display the level of integrity, the discretion God expects of his stewards on earth (Is.62:1). A leader who lacks wisdom, knowledge and understanding, the knowledge of God and discretion is pending disaster.

Our present historical, social, political, economic and religious situation reads like a novel on "Toxic Leadership", this type of leadership, which exist only to preserve the base values of corrupt men and women. Christians are among those who have lost sense of authentic leadership. Solomon wanted to be true to himself and just towards his subjects. The gospel of today summarised Solomon persona beautifully. Leadership, according to Christ Jesus, is solidarity, compassion, pity, love and mercy. It all about truth and justice. Partisanship sometimes serves as a popular base for Toxic Leadership when followers see no evil and hear no wrong. Christian spirituality and stewardship challenge us to behave like Christ and Solomon. Look towards authentic leadership.

Lord, you are my rock and salvation. I place all my hope in you.

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