Salt and Light



Salt and Light

God made humankind in his image and likeness to be the mirrored reflection of his holiness and perfection. God made us his immediate collaborators. For this reason, God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ, beg us to be holy as God is holy. God calls us to holiness that we may be his agents of righteousness, justice, peace and good moral examples.

Virtuousness is not illusory. It is the practical every day social responsibility that we conscientiously embrace and practice, which demonstrates we are indeed children of God. St. James tells us faith without good works is dead (Jas.2:14:26). For James, expressed virtuousness is Caritas and Filial love in action. It is the social dimension of the gospel - all of which are neatly part and parcel of the Lord's Prayer. Central to the Our Father is the notion of Christian integrity.

Throughout Isaiah 58:7-10, the prophet reminded the children of Israel: that social justice, fraternity, and equality among the children God are living proof of their holiness. Christ, however, in Matthew 5:13-16 clearly demonstrates, believers and especially Christians, are called to mirror the nature and substance of the Father and the Son in every social context where human integrity is compromised. God, through faith and grace, made us partners with him in saving the world. He made us servants of Caritas and Filial love like the Son.

The metaphors: salt and light emphatically indicate the quality of Christian stewardship we must engage ourselves to make the kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. In other words, we are stewards of integrity with Christ. We are suffering servants like Christ. Our mission in the world is twofold. To preserve the integrity of humankind; to dispel darkness and corruption just as God sent his Son in the world to do.

O God, if I am just a grain of salt, do not let me become insipid. If I am a candle on your altar, keep me always aglow for your own glory.

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