God’s Healing Presence

MONDAY: Fifth Week in Ordinary Time


God’s Healing Presence

God is present to heal. God exists for our integrity and our wholeness. The depth of our human tragedies is in the hands of a loving Father. He will heal the brokenness of all who come to Him in faith. God is love. In Him, there is no vengeance. God does not punish. People punish themselves when they withhold themselves from the grace of God (Is.1:18-19). Remember! God is in covenant with us. He treats us as his own body.

This is the significance of the Old and the new covenants. God dwells in our midst. Christ, our new covenant with God was lifted on the cross like the bronze serpent in the wilderness. If in faith, we lift up our eyes and hearts to the crucified Christ as Moses and the Israelites did in the desert, God in Christ will heal us of our sins and ailments (Num.21:4-9; Jn.3:14-15).

We must be indelibly grateful for the universal presence of Christ in the Blessed Sacrament - God's eternal covenant with humankind. In the Holy Eucharist, God in Christ is reaching out to us. Christ can touch us with ease. He will heal us; make us whole, transform and transubstantiate into his own being, if in faith we reach out to Him.

Here I am, Lord. Heal me in your love.

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