Internalizing Christ

TUESDAY: Fifth Week in Ordinary Time


Internalizing Christ

Internalizing the nature and substance of Christ is by far better than being a nominal Christian. The Lord despises superficialism. Why? Because it reduces the spirit of Christianity into a form of legalism. Christians look and behave like charlatans. The sufferers are left, victims and the works of redemption and conciliation are trivialized.

When Christians internalise the spirit of Christ Jesus, they become living tabernacles. They become the living presence of God. That is God's dream for those who internalise covenant (Jer.31:31-34).

The name Christian means those who are like Christ. Those who share his nature and substance. It means, therefore, with Christ Jesus, we sent to redeem and save the world.

The Lord detested the dubious practices of scribes and Pharisees because religion had become a pretentious display of holiness, which lacked compassion, love, mercy and Christ-like solidarity. The flaws of scribes and Pharisees give us a chance to understand the difference between knowing Christ and becoming Christ. It offers us the opportunity to lose ourselves in Christ and to become a living stone building up the temple of Christ in the world. In other words, when others enter into communion with Christ, with us, it becomes for them an experience of spiritual transformation and deep spiritual integration into the body of Christ himself.

Lord, grant me the grace that I may never become an obstacle in the way of brethren's salvation.

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