Our Holiness is a Mere Reflection of God’s Holiness

WEDNESDAY: Fifth Week in Ordinary Time


Our Holiness is a Mere Reflection of God’s Holiness

Solomon's wisdom, wealth, and kingdom were pail reflections of God's wisdom, richness and kingdom of heaven. God reveals his greatness in the virtues and values and the gifts he bestows upon men and women of pure motives. Solomon, acting with integrity, asked for God wisdom. In turn, God blessed Solomon with everything necessary for fruitful stewardship of righteousness, justice, peace and morality.

The queen of Sheba was awed by Solomon's wisdom. Yet Solomon's wisdom was a pale reflection of Christ. Christ Jesus is the wisdom of God (1Cor.1:18-2:16). The structures of Solomon's kingdom, the quality of stewardship she experienced during her visit with Solomon was a pale in comparison to the pure and faithful stewards of Christ (Rev.4:7-8; 14:1-5). Solomon's banquet was a pale reflection of the Messianic banquet promised by the Father (Is.25:6-12). Finally, the Holy Eucharist (Jn.6:26-63) which is par excellence to any earthly banquets.

We can imitate the queen of Sheba. We can be like the apostle John. We can be like the hundred and forty-four thousand who kept the robes white in the blood of the lamb. How? The sixth Beatitude (Matt.5:8) is self-explanatory. God wants us to protect the integrity and purity of our hearts.

Secularism, individualism, materialism, humanism and nihilism are the breeding grounds for the corruption of the human heart. The above-mentioned philosophies militate against the principles of purity and place the emphasis on the flesh while waging war against the dignity and integrity of the human heart and soul. Christ calls us today to do the contrary -protect the purity and integrity of the human heart.

Cleanse my heart, O Lord, and make me whole.

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