Fidelity to the Covenant

THURSDAY: Fifth Week in Ordinary Time


Fidelity to the Covenant

Solomon’s fall from grace reminds us that all men and women are fallible. Wisdom, riches, power, fame, not even notoriety will protect anyone who defies the instructions and precepts of God. Power feeds the ego and corrupts the hearts and souls of men and women. Naturally stupid are those who believe that absolute power entitles them to become slaves of reckless freedom and bad choices.

Through the Sacraments of Initiation, we are in covenant with Christ. The same obligations placed on Solomon's shoulders to be a wise and prudent steward of his kingdom is also placed on ours as priests, prophets and kings with Christ. Now we are stewards of the kingdom of heaven with Christ. We no longer exist to do our will but the will of God who chose us in Christ to be stewards of righteousness, justice, and peace. The present historical, social, political and economic context in which we live makes it easy to serve many false God and ruin the sublime future God has in store for us.

However, we can rescue others and ourselves from destruction by adopting the humble posture the Syrophoenician mother who approached Jesus on behalf of her sick daughter. The humiliating expression of Christ did not deter her from persuading Christ to save her daughter. Obedience, humility, faith, and integrity win us the eternal crown of eternal salvation. Humankind's eternal happiness, according to the Psalmist, lies in doing what is right and just. Friends we must distance ourselves from following the gods, which secularism, individualism, humanism and nihilism are imposing on us on golden platters. Keep faithful to the covenant and all will be well with our souls.

Lord, you are hope and salvation. Keep my heart and my eyes fixed on you.

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