Defy our Ego and Protect our Salvation

FRIDAY: Fifth Week in Ordinary Time


Defy our Ego and Protect our Salvation

Whenever our ego gets inflated, we overstep our boundaries. We defy God. Then a trail of woes befalls us. God is never responsible for our troubles and misfortunes. He permits them to happen. Why? We make our choices; we must live up to their consequences. Obedience is better than sacrifice (1Sam.15:22; Jer.7:21-23; Jn.14:15). It unlocks the door from within our hearts; we let God in; he makes his home among us (Rev.3:20). Disobedience is a negative response to the will of God and Christ. It shuts God and Christ out of our lives that we may pursue the path to self-destruction through our wickedness.

However, the house of the wicked is doomed to self-destruct (Prov.14:11). It will be dismembered from the Lord (Prov.2:22; Jn.15:2-6; Matt.7:19). Disobedience is an act of rebellion against God. Those who obey the gods who did not create the heavens and earth are destined to perish (Jer10:11). They will fall like any ordinary prince from grace (Ps.82:6; Jn.10:34). Solomon allowed his many wives to sway his heart. He followed their gods. He angered God and wooed his own demise and the destruction of his kingdom (1Kgs.11:4-13).

What implications does Solomon's fall from grace have for us today? The historical, social, political, economic, and religious context of the day are matters of concerns for the spirituality and longevity of our respective nations. The notion of globalism, the expansion of capitalism, the social and cultural aspects associated with it makes provisions for the full embrace of secularization, individualism, humanism, and nihilism. Most of which defy the principles and precepts of God, family life, and Christocentric religion. The lack of moral consciousness is growing. Our youths are becoming soulless. Meanwhile, our present-day leadership have their heads embedded in the anus of these gods, which they believe will make them relevant.

O God, make our hearts like the heart of your Son that we may live and die only to do your will.

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