Fidelity God Will Protect Our Kinship in Christ

SATURDAY: Fifth Week in Ordinary Time


Fidelity to God Will Protect Our Kinship in Christ

Power makes fools of men and women who do not learn from the errors of their predecessors. Intimidation, tyranny, wicked and evil intent to grasp a permanent hold on power benefits no one. It is the genesis of the ruin of a nation. The First Book of Kings reads like a comedy of errors. But it is an exposition of the true nature of the human person who lacks humility and obedience to God. Whenever a person takes himself or herself for granted, rejects faith in God, he or she finds a substitute god to justify his or her posture. His or her subjects are pawns in the game of power. For partisanship sake, the people will become loyal to the gods of their leaders.

St. Paul referred to those gods that are not divine as powerless, worthless, natural elements that enslave people (Gal.8:9-10). In the process, we lose sight of the vision and mission God entrusted to us. We become servants of baseless pleasure. Where are we now? I think; I hope I am not mistaken. Most of our worldly leaders supported by their followers have embodied the persona and posture of Solomon and his wives. We have forsaken God our saviour; we rejected wisdom, and we take pleasure depravity (1Kgs.12:26-32; 13:33-34).

The Psalmist in today's Responsorial Psalm offers us a way out of our present predicament. A candid admission and confession of our guilt and our misdeeds, he proposed will help restore our covenant relationship with God our saviour. God who understands every human condition will provide all our needs. He satisfies our hunger. Humankind becomes useless entities and disreputable stewards when they rely only on the flesh and forget the God who made them and saves them. Yes! My friend, fidelity to God will protect our kinship in Christ forever.

Lord, I place all my trust in you. Lead me, guide me, save me and never let me deprive myself of your holy wisdom.

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