Choosing Truth and Deception



Choosing Truth and Avoiding Deception

Humankind exists for the glory of God. However, disobedience can cost them their salvation and inheritance in the kingdom. Out of perfect love for them, God gave humankind the gift of a free will. Humankind is free to respond positively or negatively to the commandments. However, only divine love at work in us will keep us faithful to God's covenant (Jn.14:23). His plan for us is life, not death (Jer.29:11).

The loving, compassionate and merciful nature of our God would never allow him to impose his will on us. Love is a free-will offering. In other words, 'I love because I love not because I am obligated but because I chose to on my own volition to love.' Thus, to love God in like manner is to reject godlessness. For us Christians, we opted to love God, obey his commandments and behave faithfully because of our hope in eternal life.

The kind of obedience God is calling us to in Sirach 15:16-20 can best be called Christian Enlightenment - an ongoing metanoia where "we learn to move outside of ourselves and towards God"[1] in pursuit of pure wisdom and to internalize the true spirit of the commandments. That, according to St. Paul demands spiritual maturity if we are to walk steadfastly towards the end of that journey to become heirs of God and coheirs with Christ.

Superficiality cannot stand the test of time. It must surrender or crumble under the weight of truth. In Matthew 5:17-37, Christ warned his disciples not to expect a Water down version of the covenant. Instead, they must do all within their power to internalize and assimilate it into the fabric of their beings. Obedience, faith, and grace are the only way into the kingdom of heaven. If we are faithful to the covenant, we must produce its fruits: faith, hope and love.

Lord, bend my heart according to your will.

[1] Christian Enlightenment, Father Ian Vanheuaen,

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