Faith is the Avoidance of Folly

MONDAY: Sixth Week in Ordinary Time


Faith is the Avoidance of Folly

Faith does not rely on physical evidence, miracles or signs but the truth of God as revealed by Christ Jesus. People of faith are not exempted from redemptive suffering. Like Christ Jesus, they submit in humility and obedience to the authority of God the Father to enable the redemption of the world through faith and grace.

Neither Jesus nor James mentioned the Beatitudes in today's Liturgy of the Word. Yet implicitly, both of them encourage us to embody the spirit of the Beatitudes in the pursuit of faith. Unwaveringly, we must imitate the posture of Christ in the garden of Gethsemane. Like Christ, we must yield our will to the will of the Father (Lk.22:42).

Even when we feel abandoned by the Father, faith does not allow us to extract ourselves from his hands. Instead, faith encourages us to entrust our spirit into his hands with confidence that God never forsakes those who trust in him (Matt.27:46; Lk.23:46; Ps.94:14). Instead, the persistence of faith and endurance of our trials for his namesake will be the cause of our triumph over sin and death like Christ (Phil.2:1-6).

Unwavering faith in the pursuit of wisdom is the avoidance of folly. Christ, his faith was tested during his temptations. Christ relied on the evidence of the Word. The scribes, the Pharisees, the Jews, in turn, tested his patience, but Christ never yielded to their demands. In so doing, Christ demonstrated for us the ways we can become fully developed, complete in faith.

O God our Father, grant, we pray that we may possess the Spirit of your Son to enable us to grow and mature in faith.

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