Imitating Christ in Faith

WEDNESDAY: Sixth Week in Ordinary Time


Imitating Christ in Faith

Tranquility, prudence, temperance, humility and obedience are fundamental to a healthy spirituality. In other words, sainthood is impossible if these virtues are lacking. Christian solidarity and Christian perfection depend on these internal disciplines if Christians must possess the persona of Christ Jesus.

We are schooled and transformed by the Word. Genuine Christian growth and spiritual development require us to be receptive to the Word and, we will grow in the perfection of God and Christ Jesus. The Word of God encourages becoming another Christ for others in the world. Therefore, compassion, love, patience, leniency, and mercy must become our primary nature. Unjustified anger does not build community or solidarity. Instead, it fragments.

Authentic Christian spirituality challenges us to reach out, touch, and transform the lives of others. It challenges us to be patient and kind with the ongoing transformation process in others. The gradual healing of the blind man in today's gospel is a demonstration of the conversion process from sinner to saint. Only when people are deeply convinced by the Word, they become aware of their surroundings and recognise their plight. My friends, let us go forth today to practice the virtues mentioned above and, we will be Christ for others. We will become symbols of hope for the blind.

I am sometimes impatient, Lord. Take me by my right and guide me to your heart. School me in your love.

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