We are A Community of Christ’s Disciples

THURSDAY: Sixth Week in Ordinary Time


We are A Community of Christ’s Disciples

Our present historical, social, political, economic and religious environment is ideally suitable for the spread of the gospel. Why? Sin dominates the world. Humankind needs redemption from sin and evil. Wickedness and a calm indifference towards the disadvantage are glaring. Bigotry is rampant. The economic divide is growing wider. Religion has become a divisive force. The cycles of hate persist. How can we free ourselves from such evils? What can we do?

It is not easy to be an authentic Christian in the world, but the possibilities for conversion and conciliation persist. The Word, the Sacraments and the grace of God offers all men and women many chances to embody the virtues and values of Christ. We share the same spiritual gifts of priesthood, the prophetic talent and kingship with Christ, all of which makes it possible to be impartial like Christ towards all our brothers and sister. In a more precise manner: the Lord's Prayer begs us to love one another just as God and Christ love us.

Psalm 33:1 tells us: God is attentive to the cry of the poor. Christ never ejected nor discriminated against the poor. Instead, Christ claimed he received the Holy Spirit to transform the dysfunctional historical, social, political, economic and religious culture he inherited (Lk.4:18; Is,61;1-2). His mission is the mission is now the mission of the Church in the world today. The Church's mission in the world is to rebuild human integrity (Is.62:1).

Given our present human condition, how would modern man respond to the question if the Church asks its followers, 'who or what do you say that I am?'

Lord, keep me always conscious that I am your ambassador in the world.

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