A Stewardship of Compassion, Love, and Mercy

FRIDAY: Sixth Week in Ordinary Time


A Stewardship of Compassion, Love, and Mercy

The Corporal Works of Mercy and social justice are the lived expressions of Christian holiness, love, compassion and mercy. Divine solidarity defined Jesus' public ministry from the beginning (Lk.4:18). John the Baptist taught conversion, baptism, and social justice are inseparable (Lk.3:10-14). At baptism, we too were asked to uphold the principles of the two greatest commandments: to love God and to love our neighbours as ourselves.

In his farewell discourse, Christ reiterated the same. Christ commissioned Christians to love one another just as he loves them. Christ speaks of nothing less than unconditional love, compassion, mercy and a sense of justice rooted in the gospels.

Justice and mercy is the life and mission of the Church in the world. The Holy Spirit directs the Church towards this end just as much as it guides us in faith. James, in other words, confirms that the lack of the Corporal Works of Mercy and a sense of social justice among Christians demonstrate the lifelessness of faith.

Authentic Christian discipleship and stewardship are altruistic. Christians must become a living expression of the kenosis. They must prepare to pour out their lives for the salvation, redemption and full transformation of the human person living in subhuman condition and raise the individual from their ash heap to reflect the true nature and substance of God in Christ Jesus.

Lord, help me speak the language of the cross more fluently.

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